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Infant Incubator 111
Incubator provides facilities such as temperature, humidity and oxygen in order to maintain infant’s health.

Temperature, humidity and oxygen are adjustable which is done according to infant need by physician.

Physician can adjust enclosure temperature according to environment or infant body temperature.

Incubator includes special mattress for infants and glassy walls which through this physician could watch infant and further by wickets around the enclosure the infant is available to nurses and physicians.

Air circulating system continually keeps temperature, humidity and oxygen in enclosure regularly moreover enters fresh air into the enclosure In order to provide ideal environment for infant.

Air particulate would have been removed before entrance into enclosure by special filter.

 There are different alarms in incubator to make physician or nurse ready in the case of creating any problems. These alarms are about sensors interruption, over heating into the enclosure, skin sensor interruption, temperature interruption, over temperature infant body, temperature deviation higher than adjusted amount, system electricity interruption, and emptiness of water container which produce moisture.

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