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Intensive Phototheraphy 222-224-225
The apparatus by light radiation in wavelength  450 nanometer thorough infant skins in different and special process causes bilirubin molecule which leads to infant jaundice to be broken and evacuated through kidneys.  

Needed light with 450 nm wavelength by the LED lamp that have high longevity.

The treatment of infant jaundice is done by light radiation in 450 wavelengths through infant skins. In this case the Tosan Company have designed intensive photo therapy which radiate light in 360 degree through infant skins consequently the time of jaundice treatment has been shorter than before and also blood changing for infants with intensive jaundice isn’t needed any more.

In intensive photo therapy interior temperature of enclosure and infant temperature have been measured and also the time of light therapy is adjustable.

Effective lifetime light for treatment has been also measured in this apparatus.

In photo therapy the infant lays in an enclosure and light radiate in all aspects to it.

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